A Feast for our Spirits

Starting the morning with quiet time spent in the word of God is always the best way to start a day. His word  points us in the right direction, fills our hearts with love from above, and gives us the strength to conquer the day.

It doesn’t matter how we choose to feast upon His word, and different seasons call for different approaches. Here is a short list of ways to study in case you need a fresh start:

  • Read the scriptures from beginning to end searching for a specific word, principle, or theme. If you buy an inexpensive copy, mark it up and write notes in the margins.
  • Read the scriptures by topic and take notes in a scripture journal or binder that can be organized by topic for future lessons and talks.
  • Read a copy of the scriptures you have marked previously and relearn all the lessons you found, while writing new spiritual impressions in the margin as well.
  • Listen to the scriptures in audio format as you clean the house, carpool, or get ready for the day. (I previously thought this wasn’t as beneficial as studying, but since trying this approach, I have found it valuable as well. Hearing the word of God uses a different sense than reading by sight and I have found new insights this time. I also feel overflowing peace after listening to several chapters each morning while getting ready for the day).
  • Study the scripture verses that are referenced in the General Conference talks. Mark them and consider adding quotes from the talks to your margins or adding quotes and verses to your scripture journal.

Reading the word of God really is like a Thanksgiving feast for our spirits–and we can have that banquet every single day.

What are your favorite ways to study the scriptures?

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