Find Your Quiet Corner

I once read a book by Nancy O’Hara called, “Find a Quiet Corner.” It came at precisely the right time. Life was busy when my boys were toddlers…and noisy…and chaotic…and beautifully full. The words of this book inspired me to create a quiet corner for myself–a time for stillness, a regular interlude of calm. Doing so saved me then and still does so now, because life hasn’t slowed down a bit. If anything, it only speeds faster as my children get older.

The promise of creating a routine appointment for stillness is this:

“A life in balance will be yours. Physically, mentally, and emotionally you will be in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. You will gain some insight into your life and your world. You will achieve clarity of mind. You will smile more and experience more joy. Peace and understanding will be yours. You will want less and be more appreciative of what you have. You will achieve a greater understanding of others and learn to love unconditionally.

“All of this is possible if you simply take some time out, sit quietly, and breathe.”

-Nancy O’Hara

Do you keep a routine appointment of stillness? Think of the wonder your life could manifest with just 5 minutes of quiet per day.

If you need more help creating stillness in your life, I have a whole section of posts dedicated to this very topic. Just click here.

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