A Transforming Sentence

When my daughter was born, singing her a lullaby before every nap and bedtime became a treasured tradition for us. Every single day as I cradled her in my arms and rocked her to sleep, I chose to sing the very same song: “I am a Child of God.”

To this day, it is still her favorite song.

I am a child of God. It’s a sentence we’ve known since we were tiny, and because years of repetition can sometimes dull the shine, it’s easy to say it without really truly feeling the deep meaning associated with these few simple words.

I look at the night sky and all the trillions of stars light years away; and I see the videos online of our universe expanding and turning and glowing in all of its infinite grandeur. And we are merely a speck on the cosmic canvas. And yet.

And yet.

We are children of God.

We can pause today and ponder on the glorious significance of this truth. Just think of it! The Great and Almighty God of heaven and earth, the Creator of worlds without end, is your spirit Father. He created your being, and He knows your heart. And because He is your Father, some of His divinity lives within you.

You are a child of God.

This one small sentence–this knowing that we have a spark of Divinity within us–can change every aspect of our lives if we let it. It has the power to transform the way we live, the way we love, the way we think about others, and the way we think about ourselves.

I believe we can let this simple, divine truth settle so deeply within that it softens our hearts and makes us more like Him. If we could grasp onto this thought and let it guide our daily actions, think of the love and grace we could extend to our sweet families and those in our circle of influence. Think of the difference we could make.

So ask your Heavenly Father to place into your heart the love that He feels for you, His precious spirit child. Then as you go about your day, notice the transformation you receive.

You are a child of God. Let this truth change you and mold you into the person you have always been destined to become.

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