I'm Jamie.

I’m so glad you’re here. My greatest hope is that you will find restful words for a life of wonder here in this community.

I am a writer with a passion for empowering women to create and savor their beautifully imperfect, meaningful lives.

I truly believe that our lives can be wonderful as we journey to the One who is called, “Wonderful,” even our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If we learn to walk with Him, this wonder can be discovered right in the middle of our ordinary days.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Discover the wonder in your beautifully, imperfect, ordinary days with "A Week of Wonder."

My Story...

I grew up in a little red brick home surrounded by loving parents and two little sisters. We had a sweeping backyard with all sorts of trees--maples, pines, apples, and cherries. We had a horse pasture and a little red barn. That home was my whole world.My childhood days were idyllic and memorable and we were the closest of families.

When I was 16, my dad was called as a mission president for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we moved to the oceanside country of Portugal. That little country became sacred ground for me as I came to know my Savior while in His service.

Little did I know when I arrived in Portugal that I would find my future husband because of our mission. Patrick was one of my dad’s missionaries and through a coincidental series of events, we ran into each other after I came home and started dating. After we were married in the Logan, Utah temple, we moved away for school and learned to rely on the Lord and each other because that's all we had. When we finished school, I had my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Patrick had his doctorate in Physical Therapy. We had also welcomed three children into our home.

While motherhood brought me the greatest of blessings, I struggled off and on with postpartum depression and found it difficult to find joy in the journey. In 2010, I began my first inspirational blog entitled "Quest for Happiness," because more than anything, that is what I was seeking. Through the grace of the Lord over the course of several years, I was blessed with the joy in motherhood I was searching for, and eventually, my blog turned into "Writing in the Stillness." I wanted to share with other mothers what I had learned--how to find meaning in the midst of the messy, yet magical days of motherhood.

In early 2016, we found a 2-acre piece of farmland. The story that brought us to this slice of heaven was a miracle, and when we stepped on the property, we knew we'd finally found home. We purchased the land and began building our dream home. {To read the story of finding our farmland + tips for following your own dreams, click on the photo above.}

With the birth of our fourth child I had a frightening encounter with postpartum heart failure. In an instant, life became so short and temporary, and altogether precious. Gratefully, my life was spared, and the quest to live each day to its fullest became of paramount importance to me. {Read more about my heart failure by clicking on the photo to the right.}

A few months later, we moved into our farmhouse on Christmas Eve and life began to feel normal again, which was both a tremendous blessing as well as an ongoing challenge. How could I keep in remembrance the lessons I learned during that fateful night when heart failure threatened to take my life? What I desperately wanted was to savor every single minute, no matter how mundane. I struggled on day after day, searching for answers.

The answers came over the course of several years. Through much pondering, prayer, trial, and error, I began exploring the way to a wonder-filled life. My greatest discovery was when I realized that "living in wonder" is a journey--not an event. Any wonderful or traumatic life-changing experience is not enough to give you wonder for the rest of your life. The only way to walk in wonder in both the storm and the sunshine, is to walk with our Savior. Everything I write and create today is to point the way to Christ, for He is the way to a meaningful life.

I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

-John 10:10

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