August is the Sunset of Summertime

It’s summer’s end—or at least nearly so.

On the one hand I’m ready for the seasons to change. Hot summer days will soon fade into crisp autumn afternoons and the fresh scent of pink lemonade and popsicles will melt into the cozy aroma of apple pie and new school supplies.

But there’s another part of me that yearns to linger just a little bit longer in the afterglow of August—for August is the sunset of summertime.

And maybe it’s not an impossible dream to savor the last rays of summer. There’s time enough for one last summer celebration—whether it’s done on the last day of the summer season (Saturday, September 22nd), or the last day of summer vacation.

Either way, summer deserves one last hurrah, wouldn’t you say?

This morning, determined not to let summer slip away without my noticing, I penciled in my planner what we will be doing for our end-of-summer celebration. Maybe you could plan something for your family as well if you feel so inclined. Here are some ideas to get you started thinking:

  • Backyard Barbecue—playing old-fashioned games (like a 3-legged relay and a gunny sack race)
  • Quiet Evening—looking through all of your summer photos and videos.
  • Picnic at a Park—playing together on the playground and eating dinner on a checkered tablecloth with a wicker picnic basket (and maybe a snow cone afterwards)
  • Family Service—baking goodies for neighbors or cleaning out bedrooms and basements to donate items together
  • Family Olympics Water Party—competing at simple adaptations of Olympic games where each family member represents a different country.
  • Fall Fashion Show—watching the children model their new school clothes (and awarding them lots of 10s!)
  • Hike of Memories—taking one last summer hike together. During the journey, asking each family member which summer activities they loved and would like to repeat and which, of all, was their very favorite.
  • Your Town—enjoying an ice cream cone together while strolling leisurely around town.
  • Balloon Sendoff—reminiscing on all your wonderful summer memories and then making wishes for the autumn ahead as you each release a helium balloon into the late summer sunset.

If we each chose just one idea, and then we shared these ideas with the families we know, together we can give summertime a pretty grand finale. So, what do you say? Will you join us?

Let’s gather our families close and watch the sun set on the last day of this summer, remembering the joys we’ve shared, and looking forward to many such memories to come.

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