Bits of Wonder

It was April of 2015 when I accompanied my little kindergartner on a field trip to a university in a nearby city. Hand in hand we toured the huge spectrum with it’s thousands of seats, the impressive buildings, and even the athletic weight room where we saw several university football players.

On our way around campus, my son found a tiny little roly poly bug–or a potato bug as we like to call them. He cradled that little dot of roly poly in the palm of his hand for the rest of the field trip and held it close as he climbed the big steps to get back on the yellow school bus. As we stepped on, the bus driver smiled at my little boy and asked, “Did you see anything cool at the university?” My son smiled his sweet little smile and replied with enthusiasm, “Yep! I found a potato bug!!” I laughed, and so did the bus driver, because I think we were both thinking the very same thing.

We were thinking of the innocence of children and their sense of wonder in the tiniest details of the day. They see things that we grown-ups tend to miss with all of our running to and fro. They don’t need great impressive buildings to be enraptured–they just need the simple creations of the Almighty. Maybe we could learn a lesson from our children and pause in our grand tour of man-made life to find the wonders of God.

And maybe if we’re lucky, we just might find a potato bug.

For today, and maybe all week if you’d like, I challenge you to slow down and enjoy one small wonder. Capture God’s creations in a photo, or in your journal, or maybe just the memory of your mind. See if you can notice the beauty that your Heavenly Father is sending you each and every moment–if you will but behold.

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