Check-in Point {a map for your monday}

We’re nearing the end of February which always makes me want to cheer, because March is a breath of fresh spring air!

But before we begin all of our spring planning, let’s take a tiny pause sometime this afternoon or evening and consider our #ouronelittleword, our one word theme for 2017.

I like to imagine traveling through this life following a path. At times the pathway treads over mountain passes or craggy cliffs, other times it takes me to long stretches of wheat fields or meanders by the sea. And every so often, when the landscape is peaceful, I like to stop by a meadow stream or the lapping ocean waves to ponder how the path of my year is progressing.

So, take a rest in the stillness and enjoy three simple journal prompts to guide you in your February check-point.

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it…Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” (-Brene Brown)

***How is your story going? Where have you been running from what you committed to do in January? It can be uncomfortable to explore the ways we feel we have failed. But exploration is the first step to success. Can you discover some small corner of your life where you can shine your powerful light? Baby steps can be quite liberating.

“Take what you can’t do and put it in God’s hands. Then watch Him take your can’t and turn it into something He can.” (-Renee Swope)

***When examining your goals, or resolutions, or your one word, where are you experiencing resistance? Where do you feel like no matter how you try, you keep encountering roadblocks? Have you tried taking your can’t and handing them over to the One who is infinitely capable? Do you have faith enough that He can help you?

“Instead of a map, He offers us His hand.” (-Emily P. Freeman)

***You may not know yet how He will help you, but you can trust that it will all unfold in perfect timing. Heavenly Father has a way of orchestrating the messy details of our lives into a symphony that displays His divinity. Can you abandon the desire to have your map all planned out, and instead take His hand today in one small, simple way?

Friends, let’s relish this week and all that will unfold.



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