Day 2: Finding You.

Once upon a time, almost 10 years ago, I stood on a beach in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal watching the waves crash against the rocks. It was time for me to leave the two year mission I had been serving with my family so I could attend college. I remember this night as a gray, bitterly sorrowful night as I said goodbye to all that I held most dear–my family, the country I had grown to love so much, the memories, the missionaries, the Portuguese people.

But I also remember it as a time of stillness. I paused by the rocks for a few minutes to ponder on what the last two years had meant to me, and where I was to go from here. I felt some very special whisperings and a charge to go forth with a new mission for my new life’s chapter. During those few special minutes, I felt so close to heaven. You see, in Portugal, I had found out who I really was. And to this day, the quest continues.

Today we are going on a treasure hunt to find you. If I provide the map and you do the digging, I know that together, we can find some priceless treasure.

Have you ever considered that a key to peace is living as your truest self? Do you know what your highest, truest self is? It’s that person you are when all labels, honors, and weaknesses are stripped away. It’s that you who is a spirit son or daughter of Deity–glowing with all the radiance and love you can imagine.

And even though we each have the same Father in Heaven, we each are unique. And we each have a different part to play.

But when the world crowds in and our schedules fill up and our year seems to be one long, never-ending maze, we start to feel claustrophobic as the suffocating hedges close in around us. And we start to wonder why we live the life we do and how it ever got so crazy and dismal. Waking up each morning is a chore and the day goes uphill from there. Each and every day. Have you ever been in this mindset? I have. Countless times.

Until I decided that since I’m here, I might as well be enjoying my life. Every single day.

And I went on a quest to find out more about what makes me happy. For several years I wrote on a blog called, Quest for Happiness. And it was just that–my search for happiness.

And today I stand here transformed. Many experiences have led me to where I am today. And many more still await me–because there are always more lessons to learn and joy to be found.

But for today I want to focus on the fact that once you find you and what makes you happy and completely in love with life, you’ve found the key to shifting your entire mindset to a state of bliss. Yes, there will still be trials but that’s only because they will be designed to bring you more happiness as you learn from, and triumph over them.

To keep this exercise short and concise, I will focus on three aspects to your treasure map of who you really are. Each aspect has a few questions for you to ponder and think about. I would invite you to write your answers to these questions in a notebook or journal if possible. You can also just think about your responses, but for me, nothing can compare to a tangible record of soul-searching.

So let’s begin. Pause your life for just a few minutes and find a quiet space to write in the stillness. It’s time to go inward…


  • What activities do you relish? {You know, the ones you enjoy so much you wish your whole day could consist of them?} Include personal activities, as well as family activities, friend activities, etc. Write them down and keep writing until you have completely exhausted your list.
  • Are you engaging in the activities that bring you peace on a regular basis?
  • If not, how can you more fully bring into your day-to-day life, the activities that light you up inside and spread joy to those around you? {While I believe most of us can find at least an hour to ourselves each day to engage in the activities we love, we may need to creatively merge a hobby with a responsibility…} 
Aspect #2: MOVEMENT
  • What is your true movement? If you could craft your ideal lifestyle movement, what would it look like?
    • Do you enjoy a fast-paced, goal-driven approach to life and the thrill that comes with each new accomplishment? 
    • Or would you choose a slower, more flowing lifestyle that meanders through a flexible rhythm?  
    • Maybe you prefer a highly-structured day, a routine that is steady and methodical yet still?
    • Or maybe you love to randomly bounce from one task or project to another in a fun, lighthearted fashion?
  • Are you living true to the type of movement that brings you peace?
  • If not, how can you more fully bring into your lifestyle the type of movement that brings you joy and peace? {Yes, there is a way! Delve deep and you will find answers.}

Aspect #3: PURPOSE

  • How is your heart nudging you to make a difference in the world? Is there something you’ve always longed to do? Spend some time in meditation and prayer. The Lord will reveal to you your purpose(s).
  • There is a reason you are here. There are special, unique things for you to accomplish–things only you can do. No other person will ever be just like you. What you present to the world is a gift that only you can give.
  • Are you ready to take the first step to fulfilling one of your unique purposes?

Bringing it All Together:

If you weave in your day-to-day life the activities that bring you joy, the lifestyle movement that creates harmony, and your passion to make a difference, each day will hold magic and wonder. You will be living true to yourself and true to exactly what you came to this life to do. 

You will leave the maze behind forever and instead be enraptured with this wide-open journey called life. And undeniably, you will experience a deep, lasting sense of peace.

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