Day 27: Find Your Pond.

Do you have a special place to which you can retreat when you need to think or ponder or meditate or commune with the Lord?

When the Savior lived on this earth, he often retreated to “a desert place”to rest, be alone, speak with His Father, or teach His disciples. Our Master, Jesus Christ, always sets the supreme example for us.

I love the admonition He gives His apostles on one occasion:

“And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desertplace, and rest a while:” —Mark 6:31

I have always loved this story from Elder L. Tom Perry from a General Conference talk entitled “Let Him Do it with Simplicity” (2008):

I remember a particular period of my life when I was under unusual stress. There were troubles with my employment, and at the same time, my wife was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. This was one of those times when it felt like the adversary had mounted a frontal assault against me and my family. On days when the stresses and anxieties of our tumultuous life were about to get the best of us, my wife and I found a way to relieve them.
We drove to a place just a few miles from our home to get away for a few moments of relief from our troubles, talk, and give emotional comfort to each other. Our place was Walden Pond. It was a beautiful little pond surrounded by forests of trees. When my wife was feeling strong enough, we’d go for a walk around the pond. Other days, when she did not feel up to the exertion of walking, we’d just sit in the car and talk. Walden Pond was our special place to pause, reflect, and heal. Perhaps it was partly due to its history—its connection to the efforts of Henry David Thoreau to separate himself from worldliness for a period of years—that Walden Pond offered us so much hope for simplicity and provided such a renewing escape from our overly complex lives.

This story is so tender and poignant to me. Can you imagine moments of bitterness turning to sweet peace in the hollow of this one special pond?

Where is your pond? Do you have one? Not a literal pond perhaps. But ponds of peace come in all shapes and sizes. Your pond could be a favorite backyard tree, a nearby hilltop, a quiet corner in a city park or even your starry window.

If so, picture it in your mind for a moment and describe it to yourself. What do the surroundings look like? More importantly, what does it feel like when you pause within this special sanctuary? Would you consider sharing about your pond below in the comments?

If you do not yet have a peaceful pond, consider where you might retreat to turn inward, be still, and reflect. Pray for inspiration, and the Lord will reveal to your heart a special space just for you.

I have moved so many times over the past decade that I’m not sure I have ever established a permanent pond. But today I will begin the search. Because I need a lovely, quiet place to envision, muse, dream, and contemplate–I need my very own pond of peace…

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