Divine Details

There once was a little 3-year-old girl who, while camping with her family, stumbled backwards and fell into a fire pit. There was no fire, but there was a Dutch oven filled with cherry cobbler and topped with hot briquettes. The little girl’s mother watched in agonizing horror as she saw her daughter stumble, a look of terror etched on her face. As she lunged toward her daughter, all she could do was cry out to her husband to catch their daughter, though she knew they would never reach her in time.

A shriek of pain pierced the air as the little girl stumbled downwards and landed on top of the Dutch oven. But just then, and not a moment too soon, her father reached down and pulled her to safety.Later on, when the blisters had been bandaged, and the nightmare had calmed a bit, the mother cradled her precious daughter in her arms and breathed out a prayer of gratitude. As she replayed the scene again and again in her mind, she knew that her daughter, though wounded, had been spared. Heavenly Father had orchestrated every last detail to ensure the little girl’s parents were watching close by in the perfect position to rescue. And as this mother pondered, she marveled at the intricacy of it all. The Divine had been in the details of her life yet again. She would never forget.

This story is poignant to me because it’s my story. I am the mother of the sweet little girl who was burned just a few days ago. My heart still aches at the memory of it all even as I write these words. Yes, this is my story. But it’s your story too. It’s the story of anyone who has ever watched in helpless agony while a loved one suffers or stumbles—wishing with all your heart that you could take their trial away from them, but knowing that all you can do is cry out to the ever-near Father to reach down and lift them up.

I do not know the trials you or your loved ones face, but I do know the Father of us all is ever standing near—ready to rescue us with miracles, or comfort, or answers, or peace. He is always there and if we but cry out, He will reach down and rescue us in His ever-present loving-kindness.

For He is ever in the details of our days.

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