How to Simplify Life: It’s Time to Slow

Summer for us went from a stroll to a canter to a gallop to a full-out tornado-ish whirlwind. Family weddings, photo shoots, registering for kindergarten, family vacations, plans for building a new house, millions of things little and big seemed to crowd in upon us before we could even blink.  Today was the ground-breaking for our house and tomorrow is my sister’s wedding.  Then, maybe, hopefully, next week will start to slow down.

I have sincerely missed the slow ebb and flow of how summer usually is.  Many of the things that have transpired this summer have been out of our control, but, of course, there are things I have added that have made the summer a little more stressful.

Perhaps this is a lesson for me—a warning—to keep this fall, winter, and next summer as small and simple as possible.  I have always been a small and simple kind of girl and busyness and me have never quite meshed.  So many of us want to simplify our lives, but the question is, HOW?  When our fast-paced modern life naturally gravitates toward busyness, how do we fight back?

I think it’s time for me to post a series (my first!) on how to simplify life.  Join me for the next few days as I think through this topic (and hopefully simplify my own life at the same time!)

Happy Challenge:

Today, sit down for 5 minutes.  Don’t have 5 minutes?  Use your bedtime routine of brushing and flossing or some other automatic part of your day to quietly think.

Analyze your life.  Is it too busy?  Do you need to simplify at all?  If so, (and I think for most of us the answer is ‘yes’) jot down a few ideas of how you think you could simplify a little.  Don’t take too long on this, just follow your heart and your first impressions, then make a few notes.

Then, if you wouldn’t mind, leave me a comment with some of your ideas.  I can learn so much from you.  Good luck!

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