What are your initials?

To me, initials are something to represent a life, a purpose, a mission even.
My initials used to be “JG” and my father one day told me they meant “Jewel of God,” and for years this phrase directed my posture, my stance toward life.  I learned how to be a princess to my Heavenly Father and I gained a real sense of His love for me.
And just recently I was pondering my new initials of 5 years…“JGJ”
Last night I sat in my bed pondering what the Lord would have me know for the night and for the next day.  Words floated into my heart as they have so many times in the past:
“Your theme is “Joy in the God-like Journey.”
Smiling, I knew why this was important for me to know at this time.  Because He has led me to find Ann Voskamp’s daily journal and her 1000 Gifts which I am patiently dying to read…maybe for my birthday (or sooner)?  And He knows I have been searching for a life transformation.  It began with finding Ann Voskamp and using her insights about life to make mine more holy, more Christ-like.  And the capstone was placed last night with a life’s mission given to me in the quiet chambers of the heart.
He is walking with me now, but I guess He always has, it’s just that I have become more attuned to notice Him everywhere.  I feel close to heaven, closer than ever, and this process of coming to know God better and better each day is really all quite natural when we really believe with all of our hearts that this life is the time to prepare to meet God (Alma 34:32).

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