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-a journal to record what matters most-

What if one daily secret could transform your life? The Moments journal is all about collecting the moments that matter most. 

As you write your way through the morning and evening pages of this journal, you will counter the effects of a stressful, busy life and find the joy that is inherently woven in the middle of your ordinary days. Inside the pages, you will find explanations for key moments that are important to record each day, as well as space to write them.

  • A Daily Intention
  • An Errand from the Lord
  • A Morning Reflection
  • A Jewel of the Day
  • A Moment to Remember

Life is made in the moments, and you can gather these precious memories. Will you answer the call to become a moment collector? Because your life means something. And it is worth recording.

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Wonder Day Journal

Is it difficult for you to find beauty and meaning in your everyday life because of the demands of a fast-paced life? What we most desperately need is to remove these layers that hold us back and uncover the sparkle of wonder and amazement that’s just waiting to be found.

Your ordinary days really can be enchanting and your own imperfect life can be beautifully meaningful even in the midst of the mess and the mayhem.

This guided journal that will gently guide you through the beautiful process of designing your own unique life of intention. As you journey through these pages, you will find that wonder can be discovered right in the middle of your ordinary days.

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