Let Him Abide

He is here in the small and simple. Write in on a chalkboard, a notecard, your planner, or your heart. Because we need to remember. He is with us in the ordinary moments of our day. Don’t wait for the grand and spiritual moments to feel His presence, because these moments are few and far between. Choose to let Him into your life right here, right now, in this present moment.

He wants to be with you in the hard things as well as the happy. He wants to be by your side as you busily make dinner, fold laundry, or work on your budget. He wants to stay with you when you cry and rejoice with you when you laugh.

If we keep our covenant to “always remember Him,” He will never leave our side.

“To you He speaks the heavenly and divine assurance: ‘I am with you; you are never alone.’ ” (President Thomas S. Monson)

If we reach out to Him, He can transform our lives in this very moment if we let Him abide.

Perfectly Imperfect

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