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When I attended the #LightTheWorld meeting last month, I left with an overwhelming desire to participate. The videos are beautiful, and the message is so timely with all the goings-on of our modern world. But I think what I love most about it this year, is that the whole initiative is small and simple.

Split up into 4 weeks, there will be 4 small opportunities to serve throughout the Christmas season.

Week 1: Light the World

Week 2: Light your Community

Week 3: Light your Family

Week 4: Light your Faith

Each week has 6-7 ideas for ways and people to serve or the option to create your own. And each week has an accompanying video that is short, but so very tender.

There is also a simply beautiful Family Home Evening lesson to kick off this season and help you light the world.

The purpose of the #LightTheWorld initiative is to encourage us–ordinary people like you and me–to love and give in small and simple ways. This year we are to focus on the receiver, not the giver, and instead of asking ourselves “How can I serve?” we should ask, “Whom can I serve?”

To download any of these free resources, click here.

Over the last few weeks, I have been pondering what I could create to support you and your family in lighting the world. The Spirit spoke softly and clearly just a few days after the meeting, and so I got busy painting a printable for you.

This watercolor Christmas tree can be taped or pinned to your wall, put on a clipboard or easel, inserted into a frame, or hung on your fridge. Print the tree and the accompanying candles and cut them out. Then each week as your family lights the world through a small act of service, glue or tape a candle to the tree.

You can light up the tree all together through family service, or each individual can do their own service and place their own candles. By Christmas, there will be 4 beautiful candles lighting your tree, but there could be many more if you desire (there are plenty of candles to choose from!)

There is something special about adding a candle each time you light the world. I hope this watercolor helps your family mark your progress and celebrate all the good you are already doing. You can download the prints below, and please feel free to share this post with anyone you know who would enjoy it.

I testify that our Savior, Jesus Christ lives. He is the light of the world. As we join His cause to light the world this Christmas, may we reach out to the lonely, the forgotten, and the overlooked. May we ever do as He did and minister one by one, taking our small candles to light our brothers and sisters around us, one by one.


Click Here to Download the Light the World Tree

Click Here to Download the Light the World Candles

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