Each precious child born into this world is a masterpiece.

I remember so clearly—so vividly—those first few perfect moments when my own babies were placed in my arms. I remember looking into their angel-blue eyes. All of heaven seemed to be encompassed in and emanating from this soft perfect bundle.

Whether it’s in those first few minutes of life, or more gradually as they grow, we witness in each child a unique masterpiece coming to life.

I recognized a brilliant sun shining from the countenance of my first son and a tranquil ocean of peace in my second son.

My daughter came to me as a star lighting up the world around her.

And they’re not alone.

If we look closely, we will observe that each precious babe seems to mirror a creation from nature. Each is different. Each is special. Each is needed.

There was a time in my teenage years when I questioned my ability to make a difference. I was searching for who I was and wanting so desperately to be needed in my family and in the world. So I told my father of my concerns and he wisely and lovingly helped me discover my role. He told me I had always been his little North Star and was a shining example to all around me. This experience gave me confidence, instilled the belief in me that I was valuable, and changed my life forever.

Look into the eyes of your children. Notice their gifts and strengths. What aspect of nature do your children possess?

Do you see a masterpiece in the making?

Once you know, don’t forget to tell them what you see and encourage them often in living their own unique expression of God’s love.

Here are some ideas of encouragement we can offer:

  • I love how your sunny disposition always brightens the room!
  • Did you know that you shine like the moon? You always reflect the light of Christ.
  • You remind me so much of a rosebud always reaching for the light of God’s love!
  • Thank you for being a firm, steady mountain and standing up for what you believe in!
  • You are such a colorful rainbow, bringing humor and color to every situation!
  • Your energy is amazing—just like a flash of brilliant lightning!
  • You are the river of peace that is just exactly what our family needs!

As we embrace and love our children for the deep essence of who they really are, they will flourish into all that God designed them to be.