On a Sunday…

When you wake up on the Sabbath, everything feels different. Holy and sacred. Does the earth know that this day is set apart by its Maker as a hallowed day of reverence?

This year, because of Home Church, Sunday has been even more blessed to me. My Sabbaths now include a set-apart time of communion with the Lord.

I pray, ponder, journal, open up the pages of the holy scriptures, and listen for the Lord’s words to me. I plan our family’s Come Follow Me lessons. Then, I reflect on the previous week. What moments were most memorable? What questions do I have? How are my goals progressing? Where did I stumble? What will I do differently this week? Then, with the Lord’s help, I seek to plan for the week ahead. What tasks need to be done? What service will I render? How will I care for myself and my family?

During this sacred day I also like to find a little time to work on Family History or write a letter or two to a loved one.

We enjoy partaking of the Sacrament, listening to our Sacrament meeting and other meetings on Zoom, making a breakfast dinner all together as a family, and enjoying sweet family time watching inspirational movies or playing games or puzzles.

Then the children go to bed and Patrick and I take some time to have a little snack and talk. Once a month we plan out our month ahead. We call this time “Companionship Inventory.” Other times we enjoy making a family podcast together or watching nature documentaries to look for spiritual parables. We discuss them and record the lessons so we can use them in the future.

Sundays used to give me headaches. But now, they are filled with delight. (See President Russell M. Nelson’s landmark talk, “The Sabbath is a Delight.”)

I pray I can so live to continue to consecrate my Sabbaths to the Lord. For it is He who makes them a delight.

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