One by One {part 2}

As I read Elder David A. Bednar’s book, One by One I wholeheartedly embraced the idea of ministering one person at a time, in the Savior’s way. But I had a pressing question.

You see, as I read his words I noticed a distinct pattern. The Savior, His prophets and apostles — both modern and ancient — were approached often by those seeking for healing or wisdom.

I could see how Elder Bednar would be sent on an errand to the hardware store to meet just one individual who had a question. But I am no one of special prominence and so when I go to the store no one seeks me out for needed comfort or to ask a heartfelt question. Nobody really needs anything from me except maybe a sincere smile or kind compliment. And while this I wholeheartedly do, I wondered, could there be more?

As I pondered on this, I was perplexed, so I asked Heavenly Father how I could minister after the pattern of the prophets and apostles being just small and simple me.

It was one of those times when He answered so immediately that the words had scarcely left my lips. That special ministry you desire, the Spirit whispered, is for your children. They are to whom you may first and foremost and always impart your healing, comfort, and your wisdom. Each little plea, each small question, each falling tear, each time they excitedly show you the work of their creativity is a distinct invitation for you to minister one by one.

The world does not know you, but your children do. And they look to you as queen in their lives. Each time they implore you, you can respond as the Savior or Elder Bednar. You can pause and know that this moment was divinely orchestrated so you could minister to their hearts. Look into their eyes with your undivided attention and you will see a window to their hearts. The world may not need your healing touch, but your little flock does. The world may not need your wisdom, but oh how your children do.

~~~Invitation to Ponder~~~

We all have children in our midst. Could we accept the Lord’s invitation to “Behold your little ones?” It’s the often-overlooked, yet precious way that we can minister in the exact pattern of our Savior.

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