Possible Perfection.

Last night I think my perfectionism was completely cured.  Finally after years and years, an answer came in the form of something small and simple–a text from my Dad.  Here is part of the text:

“I am glad you had such a good weekend princess :).  I love your family so much, and I am so very proud of you and everything you are and have become.  Thank you for being so good to your children.  You are the most wonderful mother, and please leave room for a tough day now and then because you know it happens.  I have learned that the perfect mother is not perfect in and of herself and she will even make mistakes from day to day, but her love is perfect, and that is what makes a mother perfect.  You are a perfect mother and daughter and I cherish the relationship that we have always shared. Hope your night is wonderful. Love, Dad :)”

And that’s it.  A magic secret that has somehow been hiding from me all these years.  I can rest now knowing that I am perfect in one thing and someday, perhaps, (after many aeons of time and through my Savior’s help) I can be perfect in all things.

Love for our families.  We can all be perfect in this one thing.

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