Simple Pleasures.

Fog enshrouded the frosty morning.

But inside, the world was cozy as my little girl and I enjoyed a January tea party.
We used her tiny tea set and dined on animal cookies and milk.
Quaint, small, and simple.
I want these days to last forever…
Do you have little rituals that are unique to you and your child? Special little pastimes shared just between the two of you?
For my daughter, there are tea parties and painting fingernails and trying new hairstyles.
For my oldest son, there are art projects and writing books.
For my second son, there are cuddles and puzzles.
For all three of them, there are dance parties and story time.
Being a mother (or a grandmother or an aunt….) is so joyous.
Because as nurturers, we get to fill up our days {and our hearts} with these simple little pleasures enjoyed with pure, innocent, radiant children.
It doesn’t get any better than that.

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