The Best Way to Start your June…

Summer is here – are you ready for what’s coming?
Can you hear it? The birds crescendoing their melodious chorus every morning.
Can you smell it? The tangibly sweet yellow sunshine dancing in the air.
Can you feel it? The warmth cascading from the top of your head down to your pretty painted toenails.
Can you taste it? The sugary tang lingering all around.
I know you can see it – the pastel colors of the fading spring exploding into vibrantly rich rainbow hues.
Summer is bursting with possibility and it’s all yours for the taking. The question is, will you snatch this summer with both hands and savor the story you will create?
Do you feel like this summer is calling you to step into a new story – one of change and growth? I sure do, and I’m sure you do too. Our stories may look different, but the principles are the same. If you’re ready to embrace this summer with open arms and delve into the transformation that can be yours, please come along.
Lysa TerKeurst said, “Real freedom won’t occur with just an external relocation. It requires a complete internal renovation.”
This summer we will be building our Farmhouse and externally relocating sometime this Autumn. But I know without a doubt that even with a change of location, the real renovation will take place in the depths of my heart. There are places I need to travel inwardly – there is shaping that must happen. I don’t know where the journey will take me, but I know where to start. It’s right here. Right now.
This journey requires wholehearted acceptance of my story just the way it is. This little, old rental house; the mess all around me; the imperfect, unfinished projects pleading for my attention; the waiting. Yes, I need to embrace the awkward living of this middle place. Because here I will experience such wondrous adventures: the growing and birth of my little baby boy; the expansion of my little shop to include two brand-new summer collections; the simple, summer magic of restful family vacations and peaceful memories; the quieting of my to-do list to explore my heart through guided journaling; the intentional pauses of peace to soak in words of cherished scripture and fresh books.
The hours may not be long enough to complete the hundreds of tasks I have. My eyes may be bleary with insufficient sleep. My body may be slow in this last trimester of pregnancy. But I will keep walking this journey. And when I come to the other side of the summer, perhaps it will all be clear. Maybe this fuzzy little caterpillar will have changed into a beautiful butterfly.
So, now it’s your turn.
  • Where will your summer story take you?
  • What do you need to accept to begin your journey?
  • List out exactly where you are right now and all the good and the bad and the terrifying that you will have to embrace in order to flourish.
  • And lastly, what wondrous adventures lie within the pages of your very own summer story?


Whatever lies in store for us this summer, one thing is for sure. Our stories will sing of heart changes and transformation. All we need to do is take the first step and say “yes.”
{And now for a just a bit of housekeeping:}
  1. My blog is going to be completely transformed in the next few weeks and all of you dear subscribers will be offered a free gift for being my loyal readers.
  2. My writing focus is being streamlined to better inspire and encourage you to discover your unique story and live it to the fullest.
  3. My etsy shop will soon have a page here where you can see all my available products.
  4. I will be launching my new Summer Line of products into my shop within the next few weeks. There will be two fabulous collections that will include watercolor, summer greeting cards, 8×10 prints, journals, and a few little embellishments. I am almost finished curating these collections and I just can’t wait to show them to you!
  5. If you haven’t already, please subscribe here so you don’t miss out on any of the new changes and exciting surprises.
  6. If you haven’t already, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I will be hosting several summer giveaways featuring my products along with darling creations from some of my favorite handmade makers.
  7. If you would ever like to reach out to me, please feel free to leave me a comment below or email me directly ([email protected]) and I will write you back. If you need a friend or an encourager for this summer story you are living, I’m here for you!! So please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to connect with you!!!

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