The Soft & Sweet Exhale {thursday thoughts}

Who Loves the Trees Best?

Who loves the trees best?

“I,” said the Spring;

“Their leaves so beautiful

To them I bring.”

Who loves the trees best?

“I,” Summer said;

“I give them blossoms,

White, yellow, red.”

Who loves the trees best?

“I,” said the Fall;

“I give luscious fruits,

Bright tints to all.”

Who loves the trees best?

“I love them best,”

Harsh Winter answered;

“I give them rest.”

(By Alice May Douglas)

Each season offers its own unique gifts.

I can argue that summer is my favorite because of its warmth and brightness, but then I remember autumn’s crackling fires, spring’s fresh newness of bird songs, and winter’s rhythms of rest. And then I’m not so sure.

I think my favorite season is whichever one is gracing my presence at the moment.

And so, with one more month of winter left (because I always deem March as the beginning of springtime–regardless of the weather), let me offer you a whisper of hope that you can tuck into your heart:

Let the rest of this winter be your permission to rest.

Let February be the soft and sweet exhale of a long, bitter winter.

In answer to the question I posed in my monthly letter, you unanimously replied that what you needed most for the rest of this winter is peace. Time for introspection, time for stillness, time to breathe.

And so on Saturday and Sunday, I will be sending you two posts that will aid you in doing just that.

But for today, give yourself permission. Because granting yourself permission to weave rest into your daily rhythm is the first essential step. Permission is half the battle. And if for whatever reason, you can’t give yourself permission, let me  give it to you.

Because to follow the rhythm of the seasons is to find balance within our lives. Try it, you’ll see. Come with me and together we’ll begin a journey of seasonal simplicity…

{And stay tuned for Saturday’s practical guide.}

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