When All You Want is a Detailed Plan

Dear Friend,

You might think that the answer is to demand a detailed plan for your one big, beautiful life. But in reality, the answer is to rediscover your vision, and find that it’s the same vision you crafted at the very beginning.

Remember your vision and hold it tenderly — realizing that if it’s a true vision, it won’t change all that much. It doesn’t need to. Like the North Star on the horizon, it will be your guiding light.

Shift your perspective to see that what you most want — a detailed plan that outlines all and never changes, that gives you structure and a framework for your life — this is not what you need. What you need is the guiding star of your solid life vision. For what you desire in newness and change can be found in the uncertain magic of each day.

With your guiding star lighting your way, you can rise each morning with a prayer in your heart — that your moments will unfold in just the right way to support you fulfilling your vision of who you will become. The newness you seek lies here — in the middle of the random moments that spontaneously give freshness to each day’s blank canvas. Trust that these moments are unfolding in your favor. Trust that you don’t need a detailed plan, but a God who is so passionate about the details of your life that He will guide each day just right — that is, if you are brave enough to take His hand and follow His lead.

Abandon your desire for a perfect plan — a perfect map. Instead, surrender your will. Embrace the tiny whispers; see the signs all around you. Each whisper and sign testifies that God is here, giving you something far better than a meticulous map — He’s giving you His guiding hand.

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